The GOD Entity: Gordon's Theory of Everything

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Theoretical physics has reached an impasse that many feel is a dead end. As the odds of finding evidence for supersymmetry starts to fade, “new” theories have emerged such as “The Multiverse”, “Extra Dimensions”, and “Dimensional Transmutation”. These theories attempt to explain the inexplicable yet at the same time fail to explain the explainable. Many physicists are left frustrated and wondering aloud… How could we have travelled so far down the wrong path?


About Scott S Gordon

Brooklyn-born Scott S Gordon’s lifelong interest in physics began with his freshman physics course while he pursued a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). In the decades since, one question has always been in the back of his mind: Why is the speed of light the speed of light; why not 10 miles per hour more or 20 miles per hour less?



This chapter presents the basis for the singular structural component that comprises space-time. This chapter lays the foundation for everything else to come, so the concepts introduced here should be thoroughly understood. These concepts will not come easily, and those who have significant scientific and mathematical backgrounds may find it difficult to hold back their preconceived notions. I therefore remind you to clear your mind of anything you have learned previously. All the math that we take for granted, such as geometry and trigonometry, does not exist until the Gordon model is advanced to the point at which they do exist. It will likely be particularly difficult for the reader to stop thinking in terms of our three dimensions of length, width, and depth. Even the concepts of lines and distance will require defining, since none of these properties exist in the true void.


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