From Part 1: “Space-time”

The GOD Entity: Gordon’s Theory of Everything by Scott S Gordon

From Part 1: “Space-time”:

In the beginning, before there was light, there was energy. Physicists call this energy the primordial quantum fluctuation. Gordon’s theory of everything calls it E0 energy, which was the only form of energy that existed before the Big Bang. The E0 energy is associated with the only structural building block that existed before the Big Bang, the GOD entity. One of the biggest obstacles to physicists finding the theory of everything is the self-imposed notion that spacetime is not a medium. I assure you it is, but it is unlike any medium ever conceived of previously because the GOD entity, which builds the space-time medium, is a massless boson. Starting with only two primordial postulates, the Gordon model represents a completely new approach to solving how our universe came to be.