From Section 3.6 – “ Alignment of GOD Entities When All Three Possible Independent Energy Directions Exist”

The GOD Entity: Gordon’s Theory of Everything by Scott S Gordon

From Section 3.6 – “Alignment of GOD Entities When All Three Possible Independent Energy Directions Exist”:

Let’s say we randomly throw together an extremely large number of GOD entities into the null universe. A process will start in which all the GOD entities move to achieve balanced energy gradients in all the possible directions that they collectively create. When all the energy gradients are balanced, the forces on each GOD entity in the universe (except for expansion and residual vibration) will also be balanced.

The Gordon model asserts that GOD entities form only three independent spatial dimensions, but what is the most stable arrangement of GOD entities? Just as the hexagonal pattern is the most stable pattern for GOD entities in the parallel planar universe, a favored configuration exists for GOD entities as they balance in all three independent linear directions.

From Chapter 3: “Constructing the Gordon Space-time Medium”

The GOD Entity: Gordon’s Theory of Everything by Scott S Gordon

From Chapter 3: “Constructing the Gordon Space-time Medium”:

In this chapter, GOD entities are shown to be the only entities creating space-time, or the fabric (medium) of our universe. The properties and basic interactions of GOD entities previously introduced in Chapter 2 are expanded to show how the planar parallel universe is transformed into what we know as our three spatial orthogonal dimensions of quantized space-time. This is the first time that massless bosons have been shown to have a functional presence in our universe. The mathematics of massless bosons have not been determined, and I recommend that anyone interested in working with the new mathematics of massless bosons finish reading this book before taking on this task. The final structure of spacetime can be determined by advancing the basic concepts already presented. Once the structure of our space-time has been determined, its properties can be explored.

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 4: Space-time is a Medium

Space-time is a Medium

A very important obstacle in solving the theory of everything is the indoctrination of almost the entire physics community onto the wrong path over 100 years ago.  Ask the “collective mind” of physicists whether space-time is a medium and the answer you get is “no!”  If the answer is actually “yes”, then there is no way to ever solve the theory of everything.  Physicists believe space-time is a “void” and not a medium because of the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment.  Although the data from the Michelson-Morley experiment is correct, this conclusion is incorrect.  I point out that Einstein’s theory of general relativity never proved that a medium did not exist, and Einstein himself believed that theory of general relativity could not properly function without a medium. Even though Einstein and others could not find the medium, doesn’t mean that one does not exist.  In any case, the notion that there is no medium was established and passed on from generation to generation, teacher to student, to the point where physicists would rather believe in multiple universe theories than go back and reconsider that there is a flaw in their current understanding.

 “It is not the things you don’t know that kill you, it’s the things you know for sure that ain’t true.”

Mark Twain

From Section 2.21 – “Representation of Potential/Kinetic Energy within Ambient Space time”

The GOD Entity: Gordon’s Theory of Everything by Scott S Gordon

From Section 2.21 – “Representation of Potential/Kinetic Energy within Ambient Space time”:

Let’s start with ideal equi-energy parallel planar space-time, in which all the GOD entities are at rest. We call this the underlying ambient space-time. All quantum distances are equal in all directions on the plane, the ALEDs are equal and balanced in all the planar directions with a relative value of 1, and the relative speed of light therefore also has a value of 1 in all directions. There is no change in ALED within this ideal region of spacetime; therefore, no energy gradients exist.

Let’s chat about… This Year’s winner of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge

This year’s winner of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge is Ryan Chester who presented an excellent video explaining Einstein’s theory of relativity.  Congratulations to young Mr. Chester and the organizers of this contest who ask “students around the world to submit their thoughts on complicated matters in math and science”. Through the minds of young people it may be possible for some insight to shine through, insights that have long been driven out of older people as they went through their indoctrinating education process.

It seems that the purpose of this contest is to stimulate young minds into entering the fields of math and science and to that end, this contest looks to be very successful. However if the intention of this contest is to actually find a breakthrough – I do not think that is possible. Not because young people do not have the creative thoughts required for a breakthrough but because the people who are the judges would rule out anything not lock-step with their indoctrinated education.

In that light, there is something very telling about this award winning presentation…

Einstein originally based his theory on four postulates – not two, as stated in this video (some history is being re-written here).

Einstein’s first two postulates (and those included in the video) were:

  1. All reference frames are equal
  2. The speed of light is constant in all reference frames

But Einstein also had two other postulates which were left out of this presentation:

  1. Spacetime is homogeneous
  2. Spacetime is isotropic

These postulates were left out for a reason, Ryan Chester was already indoctrinated to the notion that spacetime is made of nothing.  Einstein never believed that spacetime was made of nothing.

Einstein: Ether and Relativity

But even more interesting is that physicists have an understanding that spacetime seethes and bubbles with energy where virtual particles come in and out of existence. So on one hand physicists teach that spacetime is made of nothing and that light does not require a medium to propagate (which goes against the mathematics of all other waves) and on the other hand physicists teach that spacetime somehow contains energy which is required to support the theory of quantum mechanics.

It should be obvious to everyone that this represents a major contradiction in physics at its most basic level of understanding. Physicists are trying to provide a solution by finding particles “in” spacetime that can account for this underlying energy. Gordon’s theory of everything provides a better solution where spacetime is built using entities that are “of” spacetime and which are associated with the energy of spacetime.

The entities that form spacetime are “of” spacetime; whereas what we know as particles, exist “in” spacetime. The placement and alignment of the spacetime entities determine the amount of energy that exists in that region of spacetime. When particles existing “in” spacetime relatively move in the energy of spacetime, there is a “relative” change in the underlying spacetime energy — in other words the amount of the spacetime energy relatively changes with respect to the particle as the particle moves through it. However the particle does not have any way to determine that this relative change in spacetime energy has taken place because the equation that describes the energy in spacetime is (E0=m0c^0).  In this equation the speed of light is always determined as 1 (c^0) by any particle no matter what the energy of its underlying spacetime. This is the reason why all reference frames “appear” to be equal. It seems that an important insight with regards to this postulate has already been by-passed by Ryan Chester even at this early stage of his physics education.

Gordon’s theory of everything changes the understanding of the postulates used to derive the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. When these major theories are rederived using the Gordon model, they can finally be united triggering a revolution in the entire field of physics and cosmology.


From Section 2.20 – “Are the GOD Entities in the Parallel Planar Universe at Rest?”

The GOD Entity: Gordon’s Theory of Everything by Scott S Gordon

From Section 2.20 – “Are the GOD Entities in the Parallel Planar Universe at Rest?”:

GOD entities can never be at rest. We have already hinted that some vibration (oscillation) of planar-aligned GOD entities would probably exist once they started to settle into their predestined hexagonal pattern. In addition, a less than infinite number of GOD entities could never be at rest because they would always expand away from each other.

In the ideal situation, the only GOD entity that would have a resultant GF of zero would be the GOD entity in the center of the hexagonal pattern. Every other GOD entity would have an imbalance of GFs, resulting in the acceleration of GOD entities away from the center and toward the periphery. This would be a direct result of the GOD entities’ physical properties along with the condition that the number of GOD entities is less than infinite.

Let’s talk about… SLAC Theorist Explains Quantum Gravity

SLAC Theorist Explains Quantum Gravity

An article appearing in presents yet another attempt by physicists to explain quantum gravity in the same terms (similar model) of the other three forces of nature.  The problem is that the nature of gravity is different when compared to the other three known forces.

Physicists lack a complete understanding of the universe and will continue to do so until they learn the theory of everything.  Until then, they will stumble around for answers until they learn how the underlying energy fields of particles are created.  Only then will it be possible to understand how forces between particles are created.

If physicists knew Gordon’s theory of everything, they would know how energy fields are created and thus the underlying nature of all forces.  In regards to the known four forces, the three that are well described within the theory of quantum mechanics using a carrier model (EM, weak and strong) are based on the kinetic energy of particles.  This means that there is an exchange of energy between the particles during their interactions.  The movement of this energy is represented as a carrier particle and the carrier particle becomes associated with the force.

However in the case of gravity, the gravitational energy field is base on the potential energy of particles containing E2 energy (mass) within the E0 energy medium of spacetime.  There is no movement of energy between particles where gravity is concerned and therefore there is no carrier particle.  Gravitons do not exist and the carrier model which worked so well for the forces based on kinetic energy does not apply to the force of gravity which is based on potential energy.

The solution to the gravitational field and the force of gravity is presented in Chapter 9 of “The GOD Entity: Gordon’s Theory of Everything”.


Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 3: The Selection Process to Become a Physicist

The Selection Process to Become a Physicist

The path to become a physicist includes an intense training and selection process. Only those who are the best at the required skills will earn the title of physicist and be allowed into “the academic club” of physicists.  Many believe that a diverse academic physics community would be helpful in bringing forth the solution to the theory of everything where diverse backgrounds foster diverse ideas. However, people of different backgrounds who have gone through the intense selection process to become an academic physicist also become part of…   the collective “mind” of physicists.  In other words, they all have become physicists and thus “think” like physicists using the established theories and mathematics they have learned in the process.

“Man (or woman) is not permitted without censure to follow his (or her) own thoughts in the search of truth, when they lead him (or her) ever so little out of the common road.”

John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Consider the following analogy using a selection process to find the best musicians to create a world class orchestra. To be selected as a member you must be a master of your instrument, create the best tonal qualities, and be a talented performer with the highest skills in reading musical scores.

However the skills needed to solve the theory of everything is not comparable to a musician selected by this process; it is comparable to the person who composes music or creates a new musical instrument. A person composing and arranging the music does not need the talent to play an instrument well; nor does this person need to know much music theory. However this person must possess the gift of creating music. If such a person can place his or her notes onto a score, this new music can be played by those who have the ability to do so. Many new arrangements of music can be created by those who are members in the orchestra; but what about a completely new musical genre using new musical instruments. Many times, it is the street musician who creates a revolutionary new “style” of music.

It is unlikely to hear a street musician play his or her new genre of music with the classically trained members of a philharmonic orchestra. Therefore while we expect the solution to the theory of everything to come from a physicist (or physicists), the selection process to become a physicist may have weeded out the very people who have the gift to solve the theory of everything.

From Section 2.8 – “What Is the Relationship of ALED to Relative Velocity?”

The GOD Entity: Gordon’s Theory of Everything by Scott S Gordon

From Section 2.8 – “What Is the Relationship of ALED to Relative Velocity?”:

We define velocity as the change in distance divided by the change in time, but when considering the relative velocity, what distance and what time? We need to determine a standard distance and a standard time. The only way to establish these standards is to use the internal perspective of the line of GOD entities that we are in. We have already shown that from that perspective, the same time is required to travel across each equal space between GOD entities along that line no matter what the equal spacing is. If we double the number of GOD entities along the line, we double the number of equal spaces and double the number of time units to traverse the original line of GOD entities.

Let’s chat about… The Quantum Source of Space-Time

The Quantum Source of Space-Time

In this article appearing Nov 16, 2015 in written by Ron Cowen, a new theory uses quantum entanglement in an attempt to explain the essence of spacetime geometery.  This article represents yet another attempt to unify quantum mechanics with general relativity (and gravity) without recognizing spacetime as an energy medium.

This attempt will also prove fruitless as physicists try to explain the universe while not including it largest component ingredient, the entity that constructs spacetime itself. Physicists only acknowledge the energy of particles co-existing “in” spacetime, not the E0 energy associated with the entities that construct spacetime. The current model used by physicists have no explanation for what creates the property of particle “spin”, a property that lies at the center of understanding quantum entanglement.  To understand a particle’s spin, you need to know how a particle generates its properties and energy fields. Physicists offer no solution to how any particle creates any energy field.  How does an electron create its -1 electric charge or how does an up quark create its +2/3 electric charge?  Why do photons have the property of polarization and must travel at c?

Gordon’s theory of everything provides the mechanism of energy field creation but it does so by revealing that energy fields are created by the E1/E2 energy of particles interacting with the E0 energy of the spacetime medium.  If physicists “know” that spacetime is made of nothing, then there is no E0 energy and no way to reach the correct answer.

As Mark Twain stated, “It’s not the things you don’t know that kills you, it’s the things you know for sure that ain’t so.”