Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 10: The Unknown Hierarchy of Energy

The Unknown Hierarchy of Energy

It turns out that energy is the key to explaining our universe, for without energy nothing can exist. There is a hierarchy of energy that exists in the universe that up until now has gone unrecognized. Gordon’s theory of everything achieves unification by finding the last of the three energy states that exist in our universe and then shows how these energy states are related through one simple equation.

One energy state sprung from Einstein’s theory of special relativity when he derived the expression E = mc2 (or E2 = m2c2) where the E2 energy state is associated with matter (and anti-matter), mass, and gravity. Planck found another energy state when he showed that the energy of light came in packets expressed by the equation E = hv which can be alternatively expressed as E1 = (h/λ)c1 (or E1 = m1c1) where the E1 energy state is associated with the theory of quantum mechanics and light.

The missing piece of the puzzle found by Gordon is the E0 energy state (E0 = m0c0) where E0 energy is the energy associated with the entities that create space-time. These three equations are expressed as

EG = mGcG  

and is referred to as,  “The GOD Equation”.

The subscript and exponential term G represent one of the three independent co-existing Gordon energy states with values of {0, 1, 2}.  The mG term represents the displacement and/or motion of the underlying space-time medium associated with each energy state.

What can be simpler than this equation uniting the theory of relativity, the theory of quantum mechanics, mass, gravity, the gravitational constant, light, Planck’s constant, electromagnetism, all four known forces of nature, and the space-time medium?

Let’s talk about… Physicists Must Accept That Some Things Are Unknowable

Let’s talk about…   Physicists Must Accept That Some Things Are Unknowable

Appearring in Forbes magazine on Jan 17, 2016, a rundown of the current understanding of the Big Bang was written by blogger Professor Ethan Seigel of “Starts With A Bang”.  Apparently from this current understanding, Seigel felt compelled to write this article expressing that there are some things that we are just not going to know.

How sad it is to see that there are those who are willing to capitulate to such a dismal end in our quest for knowledge of how we came to be.  The only thing that is unknowable is why the energy of the universe, “Always was, always is, and always will be.” Many errors have been introduced into the picture of the Big Bang, where the process of inflation and expansion still need adjustments. However the corrections will not be forthcoming because physicists refuse to humble themselves and admit that their basic fundamental model of the universe is incorrect. Theoretical physics took a wrong turn over 100 years ago when they went against Einstein and abandoned the correct notion that spacetime is an energy medium.


That is not the only reason… many other reasons have been posted here under the heading: Why the theory of everything took so long?

Only when you know the TOE can you figure out what happened at the Big Bang.

This scenario predicted by the TOE seems much more logical and is mathematically sound. It will take a very long time for the theoretical physicists to admit they have been outsmarted by an engineer.  Currently the delay in acknowledging (or even reading about this new theory) is because physicists reject the premise that spacetime is made of “something” as they steadfastly “know” that spacetime is made of nothing.

Of course this new model doesn’t fit into what they currently “know”. As Mark Twain once said, “ It’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know for sure that ain’t true.” How ironic is it that Professor Seigel named his blog, “Starts With A Bang”, since even this notion that has been ingrained into the minds of nearly all theoretical physicists as an absolute doctrine is incorrect.  The universe did not “start” with what physicists call the Big Bang!

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 9: Direct Approach to Solve the Theory of Everything

Direct Approach to Solve the Theory of Everything

In trying to solve the theory of everything, the first problem encountered is, where do you start? There seems to be nothing wrong with the theories of relativity or quantum mechanics or the postulates from which they were created.  The math in these theories was correctly derived and conforms to almost all the experimental data ever generated. It’s almost as if there is no problem to solve; yet something is missing since we do not have all the answers. It is hard to find what is missing if you have no idea what it is that is missing.

An analogy can be made with a tasty apple pie. The recipe for the apple pie is perfect and provides a yummy treat that we can recreate every time. As far as anyone knows, nothing is missing from this pie as we indulge in its deliciousness. Now compare that to an apple pie where the recipe calls for cinnamon. That would be an even tastier apple pie (by most people) but since no one ever knew that cinnamon could be an ingredient in an apple pie, it was never considered to be missing. Once cinnamon is placed in the recipe, it would seem that it should have been there all along.

Finding the missing ingredient in our current theories (the cinnamon) cannot be approached by directly questioning relativity and/or quantum mechanics (tasting the apple pie). The approach has to be by questioning the ingredients (the postulates) used to make the apple pie (the theory). We need to “see” something in our spice rack that we have never considered before. It is only this type of indirect approach of finding the missing ingredient that will lead us to solving the theory of everything.

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 8: Parameters Taken for Granted

Parameters Taken for Granted

Gordon’s Theory of Everything starts with the true void and uses only two primordial postulates to create our universe and everything in it. Nothing additional is ever required to explain anything else. There is an inevitable progression of events that is dictated by the evolving mathematics of the two primordial postulates. Parameters we take for granted such as distance, direction, speed of light, mass, charge, and others are mathematically defined as they come to exist in the Gordon model. If a physicist tries to figure out the theory of everything by using these parameters before defining them and showing how they come to exist, then he or she has already passed the point in which to solve the theory of everything.