Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 10: The Unknown Hierarchy of Energy

The Unknown Hierarchy of Energy

It turns out that energy is the key to explaining our universe, for without energy nothing can exist. There is a hierarchy of energy that exists in the universe that up until now has gone unrecognized. Gordon’s theory of everything achieves unification by finding the last of the three energy states that exist in our universe and then shows how these energy states are related through one simple equation.

One energy state sprung from Einstein’s theory of special relativity when he derived the expression E = mc2 (or E2 = m2c2) where the E2 energy state is associated with matter (and anti-matter), mass, and gravity. Planck found another energy state when he showed that the energy of light came in packets expressed by the equation E = hv which can be alternatively expressed as E1 = (h/λ)c1 (or E1 = m1c1) where the E1 energy state is associated with the theory of quantum mechanics and light.

The missing piece of the puzzle found by Gordon is the E0 energy state (E0 = m0c0) where E0 energy is the energy associated with the entities that create space-time. These three equations are expressed as

EG = mGcG  

and is referred to as,  “The GOD Equation”.

The subscript and exponential term G represent one of the three independent co-existing Gordon energy states with values of {0, 1, 2}.  The mG term represents the displacement and/or motion of the underlying space-time medium associated with each energy state.

What can be simpler than this equation uniting the theory of relativity, the theory of quantum mechanics, mass, gravity, the gravitational constant, light, Planck’s constant, electromagnetism, all four known forces of nature, and the space-time medium?