Let’s Talk About… Why Is Relativity True?

An article appearing in Forbes / Science on Feb 24, 2016, physicist Chad Orzel tries to explain “Why Is Relativity True?”.  After reading the entire article, Orzel gives the only explanation that physicists can…  “It just is, the same as any other theory in science.” I must say I was looking for something more meaty than that. Yet my disappointment was not unexpected, this answer pierces through to the essence of why physicists have not figured out the theory of everything.

The fact is (determined through countless experimental observations) that the mathematics of Relativity will always be experimentally confirmed; however, the model of the universe portrayed by the mathematics of relativity is not correct.  This is a very strong statement which does not seem to make sense.  How can all the math be right yet the model it is representing be wrong?  It is possible because no one understands why the postulates used to derive the mathematics of relativity are true. So the part of the model that tells us why light is a constant in all reference frames is missing!

All theories are based on postulates that are expressed in mathematical form.  In the case of relativity, the postulate that light always travels at the speed of light in all reference frames is not only assumed to be true but has been experimentally shown to be true. Einstein suspected this fact about light’s speed after Maxwell derived the speed of light from his equations. Maxwell’s equations are also experimentally true and these equations have no regard to the reference frames in which its verifying experiments are carried out in.

So why is relativity true? Because its postulate is experimentally true.  Although this seems to be enough to satisfy physics academia, it is not enough for a person looking to solve the theory of everything.  Using the mathematics of GR as a starting point to solve the theory of everything will always be fruitless.

This article exposes a philosophical problem within academic physics…  Physicists have lost their philosophical roots.  A philosopher would never be satisfied with the answer to a question, because “it just is”.  And herein lies the reason why physicists are floundering in their own theoretically created mathematical quagmire.

Let’s Chat About… Primordial Soup!

An article in Science Magazine dated Feb 9, 2016 entitled,”The universe’s primordial soup flowing at CERN” states that “Researchers have recreated the universe’s primordial soup in miniature format by colliding lead atoms with extremely high energy in the 27 km long particle accelerator, the LHC at CERN in Geneva.”

Note that the article states that physicists at CERN “recreated” primordial soup that existed moments after the big bang. This statement does not leave any room to question whether what they have created was actually primordial soup of the big bang or not. I find this assumption somewhat arrogant.

Physicists created their model of the big bang by working the math contained in our current theories backwards in time. But what if there is a huge piece of the puzzle missing, oh…  let’ say for example, the 85% of the universe’s energy that physicists know nothing about?  Do you think that there is perhaps some tiny chance that this whopping amount of energy may have played at least a small part in the big bang?  I certainly do.

The problem is that physicists will not know what happened during the big bang unless they know what all this dark energy and dark matter is.  They will not know what dark matter and dark energy is until they know the theory of everything.  They will not know the theory of everything until they know what happened during the big bang.  Using the mathematics of our current theories will not lead to any solutions because our current theories describe the behavior and interactions of particles in our current universe. Our understanding of our current universe is expressed in our current mathematical construct which is obviously missing something.  Perhaps the dark energy may have played a more important role in our universe during the time of the big bang.  If that is true, then our current math cannot be useful in determining what existed during the big bang.

Gordon’s theory of everything proposes that the missing ingredient is the E0 energy of spacetime. This energy associated with the GOD Entities of spacetime jumped to higher Gordon Energy States during the collapse of the parallel planar universe as our current spacetime was formed. The gradient within the E0 energy of the early universe accelerated all the mass containing particles outwards and away from each other. This large E0 energy gradient easily overcame the very weak attractive force of gravity created by the mass contained in these particles.

It will take a long time for physicists to realize just how far off the right track they have wandered.  But the real problem is…   they love their perfect math and they checked and rechecked all the experimental data.  Physicists are so sure that they did everything right that they can’t fathom the thought that anything is wrong…  Hence the declaration… “The universe’s primordial soup flowing at CERN!”

Let’s chat about…. Gravitational Waves

Einstein’s wildest prediction could be confirmed within days

Gravitational waves do exist…   but they do not exist in the way that physicists think they do.  Physicists believe that the wave is actually “in” the fabric of spacetime.  That is not the case!   What physicists are seeing as a wave is two gravitational energy fields created by the two massive moving bodies of E2 energy that extends their E2 energy infinitely throughout the universe. These E2 energy fields change the total amount of energy seen on what physicists are interpreting as a constant fabric of spacetime that can bend.  Note that physicists believe that spacetime is not made of energy. Physicists believe that spacetime is made of nothing which is constantly nothing everywhere.   Gordon’s theory of everything shows that spacetime is composed of E0 energy. What physicists see as a wave in the fabric of spacetime is in actuality the change in the total E2 energies coexisting with the E0 energy of spacetime  —   The waveform is not in the fabric of spacetime itself, it is created by the changing amounts of E2 energy co-existing on top of the E0 energy of spacetime.  Einstein also did not realize this as he went along with the notion that particles containing mass somehow “bend” spacetime.  And this is why GR was considered by Einstein himself to be incomplete. By saying that spacetime could bend, it had to be composed of “something” that was able to “change”.  This is why Einstein believed that spacetime had to be a medium.
Here is the ironic part…   The E0 energy of spacetime does not need to change to have the equations of relativity be completely valid.  What is being construed as a wave in the fabric of spacetime is the percentage amounts of the combined E2 energies with E0 energy.  This means that E0 can be any constant (currently set at zero by the current model of physics) and yet the “relative” waveform remains intact.
This is why physicists are in such a dilemma.  All the math that is derived in GR will always be experimentally verified  (and here is the problem) The experimental results will never give any reason for physicists to question the validity of their current model.  In other words to fix their “real” problem, there is no place for them to recognize where the problem exists.
That is why physicists will never be able to solve the TOE…   They have to think of something to solve a problem that they know exists BUT don’t why the problem exists in the first place.   For the rigid logically thinking physicists and mathematicians – that is very unlikely to happen from within.  Ironically once the answer is solved – it contains all the beautiful math that substantiates its validity.