Let’s chat about…. Gravitational Waves

Einstein’s wildest prediction could be confirmed within days

Gravitational waves do exist…   but they do not exist in the way that physicists think they do.  Physicists believe that the wave is actually “in” the fabric of spacetime.  That is not the case!   What physicists are seeing as a wave is two gravitational energy fields created by the two massive moving bodies of E2 energy that extends their E2 energy infinitely throughout the universe. These E2 energy fields change the total amount of energy seen on what physicists are interpreting as a constant fabric of spacetime that can bend.  Note that physicists believe that spacetime is not made of energy. Physicists believe that spacetime is made of nothing which is constantly nothing everywhere.   Gordon’s theory of everything shows that spacetime is composed of E0 energy. What physicists see as a wave in the fabric of spacetime is in actuality the change in the total E2 energies coexisting with the E0 energy of spacetime  —   The waveform is not in the fabric of spacetime itself, it is created by the changing amounts of E2 energy co-existing on top of the E0 energy of spacetime.  Einstein also did not realize this as he went along with the notion that particles containing mass somehow “bend” spacetime.  And this is why GR was considered by Einstein himself to be incomplete. By saying that spacetime could bend, it had to be composed of “something” that was able to “change”.  This is why Einstein believed that spacetime had to be a medium.
Here is the ironic part…   The E0 energy of spacetime does not need to change to have the equations of relativity be completely valid.  What is being construed as a wave in the fabric of spacetime is the percentage amounts of the combined E2 energies with E0 energy.  This means that E0 can be any constant (currently set at zero by the current model of physics) and yet the “relative” waveform remains intact.
This is why physicists are in such a dilemma.  All the math that is derived in GR will always be experimentally verified  (and here is the problem) The experimental results will never give any reason for physicists to question the validity of their current model.  In other words to fix their “real” problem, there is no place for them to recognize where the problem exists.
That is why physicists will never be able to solve the TOE…   They have to think of something to solve a problem that they know exists BUT don’t why the problem exists in the first place.   For the rigid logically thinking physicists and mathematicians – that is very unlikely to happen from within.  Ironically once the answer is solved – it contains all the beautiful math that substantiates its validity.