Let’s chat about… Physicists just found a link between dark energy and the arrow of time

A recent article in “Science Alert” written by Brendan Cole entitled “Physicists just found a link between dark energy and the arrow of time“, physicists A. E. Allahverdyan and V. G. Gurzadyan are coming to the realization that dark energy plays a role in the arrow of time. In this article it is stated,”Physicists and astronomers in the 1990s expected something similar to have occurred after the big bang – an event that threw matter out in all directions. The collective gravity from all that matter should have slowed it all down, just like the Earth slows down the ball. But that’s not what they found. Instead, everything seems to have sped up. There’s something pervading the Universe that physically spreads space apart faster than gravity can pull things together. The effect is small – it’s only noticeable when you look at far-away galaxies – but it’s there. It’s become known as dark energy – “dark”, because no one knows what it is.

Not knowing what it is…, now that’s a real problem because these physicists are asserting an effect onto something they know nothing about.  They should read Gordon’s Theory of Everything which mathematically defines exactly what dark energy is.  Dark energy is the energy gradient within the E0 energy that creates the fabric of spacetime.  At the time of the big bang, the E0 energy gradient of spacetime was huge compared to the small E0 energy gradients generated by the E2 energy of mass containing particles existing “in” spacetime.  At the time of the Big Bang the huge E0 energy gradient  threw all the newly created particles containing mass outward.  The E0 energy gradient of the universe’s spacetime has been slowly decreasing ever since.

This article shows addresses a point made in a previous blog post http://thegodentity.com/wordpress/2016/02/15/lets-chat-about-primordial-soup/ where the missing knowledge and mathematical representation of dark energy is currently giving a false narrative of the events surrounding the big bang.

The secret to solving everything including the theory of everything is the hierarchy of energy where most of the energy of the universe remained in the E0 energy state.  E0 energy (E0 = m0c0)  [Note: m0 is not mass – but just like mass m2, it does represent the displacement and/or motion of spacetime’s E0 energy]. The entropy of spacetime is always increasing and it can never decrease, thus the arrow of time must always move forward for any interaction of particles taking place “in” spacetime.  Gordon’s Theory of Everything also shows why the big bang was a one time event.