Let’s Chat about… “Could No New Particles At The LHC Be Exactly What Physics Needs?”

On June 28, 2016, an article written by Sabine Hossenfelder appeared in Forbes Science entitled,Could No New Particles At The LHC Be Exactly What Physics Needs?  In this article she concludes by saying, “If the bump goes away, this would catapult us into what has become known as the “nightmare scenario” for the LHC: The Higgs and nothing else. Many particle physicists are afraid of this scenario because, if it comes true, it will leave them without guidance, lost in a thicket of rapidly multiplying models that threaten to block out sunlight. Without some new physics, everyone is concerned we’ll have nothing to work with that we haven’t had already for 50 years. Without any new inputs that can tell us which direction to look towards in the ultimate goal of unification and/or quantum gravity, we’d finally have to admit the truth: we’re completely lost.”

The only thing I would change in Sabine Hossenfelder’s article is the phrase “if the bump goes away” to “when the bump goes away”.  The question I have for Sabine Hossenfelder is…   Does she think that those who are completely lost will be able to find their way out without “outside” help?  Did Sabine not read my article, “The Top 10 Reasons Why Physicists Cannot Solve the Theory of Everything?  

I have contacted Sabine Hossenfelder and many other physics writers and journalists who probably believe there is no way that a single person who happens to be a non-physicist can lead the entire academic physics community out of the “thicket” to where the sun shines. I have sent review copies of my book to many physicists who have ignored it or even put it out for re-sale.

It is now time for me to predict the future…  I predict that there will be a lot of sore tushies on the backsides of physicists who had the chance to be ahead of the game by reading “Gordon’s Theory of Everything“.  The Gordon Model will become the basis to advance Gordon’s Theory of Everything and become the new working theory of our time… poised to revamp general relativity, quantum mechanic, and quantum field theory, as the theory that unites all theories, all laws, all equations, all particles, all forces, and all interactions that define our universe.

Let’s see how long it will take the physicists to acknowledge Gordon’s Theory of Everything and its most important concept “The Hierarchy of Energy” expressed by The GOD Equation as the basis for unifying everything.

The GOD Equation with copyright bold