Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 10: The Unknown Hierarchy of Energy

The Unknown Hierarchy of Energy

It turns out that energy is the key to explaining our universe, for without energy nothing can exist. There is a hierarchy of energy that exists in the universe that up until now has gone unrecognized. Gordon’s theory of everything achieves unification by finding the last of the three energy states that exist in our universe and then shows how these energy states are related through one simple equation.

One energy state sprung from Einstein’s theory of special relativity when he derived the expression E = mc2 (or E2 = m2c2) where the E2 energy state is associated with matter (and anti-matter), mass, and gravity. Planck found another energy state when he showed that the energy of light came in packets expressed by the equation E = hv which can be alternatively expressed as E1 = (h/λ)c1 (or E1 = m1c1) where the E1 energy state is associated with the theory of quantum mechanics and light.

The missing piece of the puzzle found by Gordon is the E0 energy state (E0 = m0c0) where E0 energy is the energy associated with the entities that create space-time. These three equations are expressed as

EG = mGcG  

and is referred to as,  “The GOD Equation”.

The subscript and exponential term G represent one of the three independent co-existing Gordon energy states with values of {0, 1, 2}.  The mG term represents the displacement and/or motion of the underlying space-time medium associated with each energy state.

What can be simpler than this equation uniting the theory of relativity, the theory of quantum mechanics, mass, gravity, the gravitational constant, light, Planck’s constant, electromagnetism, all four known forces of nature, and the space-time medium?

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 9: Direct Approach to Solve the Theory of Everything

Direct Approach to Solve the Theory of Everything

In trying to solve the theory of everything, the first problem encountered is, where do you start? There seems to be nothing wrong with the theories of relativity or quantum mechanics or the postulates from which they were created.  The math in these theories was correctly derived and conforms to almost all the experimental data ever generated. It’s almost as if there is no problem to solve; yet something is missing since we do not have all the answers. It is hard to find what is missing if you have no idea what it is that is missing.

An analogy can be made with a tasty apple pie. The recipe for the apple pie is perfect and provides a yummy treat that we can recreate every time. As far as anyone knows, nothing is missing from this pie as we indulge in its deliciousness. Now compare that to an apple pie where the recipe calls for cinnamon. That would be an even tastier apple pie (by most people) but since no one ever knew that cinnamon could be an ingredient in an apple pie, it was never considered to be missing. Once cinnamon is placed in the recipe, it would seem that it should have been there all along.

Finding the missing ingredient in our current theories (the cinnamon) cannot be approached by directly questioning relativity and/or quantum mechanics (tasting the apple pie). The approach has to be by questioning the ingredients (the postulates) used to make the apple pie (the theory). We need to “see” something in our spice rack that we have never considered before. It is only this type of indirect approach of finding the missing ingredient that will lead us to solving the theory of everything.

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 8: Parameters Taken for Granted

Parameters Taken for Granted

Gordon’s Theory of Everything starts with the true void and uses only two primordial postulates to create our universe and everything in it. Nothing additional is ever required to explain anything else. There is an inevitable progression of events that is dictated by the evolving mathematics of the two primordial postulates. Parameters we take for granted such as distance, direction, speed of light, mass, charge, and others are mathematically defined as they come to exist in the Gordon model. If a physicist tries to figure out the theory of everything by using these parameters before defining them and showing how they come to exist, then he or she has already passed the point in which to solve the theory of everything.

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 7: Backwards Extrapolation of Current Mathematics

Backwards Extrapolation of Current Mathematics

Physicists are doing the best they can by extrapolating backwards to figure out how it all started; but they cannot work past the Big Bang.  Is it possible to figure out what caused the Big Bang?  Surprisingly the answer is yes, but only if you have already figured out the theory of everything. This represents a Catch-22 where we need to solve what existed before the Big Bang to tell what caused the Big Bang. There are a few hints which seemed to have been overlooked by physicists, these include: space-time is a medium, photons are polarized, distance cannot be defined as a set of points, and the mathematics should be relatively less complicated earlier in the progressive development of our universe. This makes sense if we make the logical assumption that our universe reached its current level of complexity from less complexity.

The following is a list of falsehoods that are thought to be true because of the errors introduced by extrapolating our current theories and mathematics backwards.

  1. The universe started with the Big Bang as a singularity where “nothing” existed before – False
  2. At the time of the Big Bang, the universe was hot – False
  3. Primordial particles of matter did not contain mass – False
  4. Almost the same amount of anti-matter was created as matter – False (mostly baryons of matter were created)
  5. Gravity had to be turned on – False

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 6: The Ruby Slipper Conundrum

The Ruby Slipper Conundrum

Probably the most difficult obstacle to overcome in finding (and understanding) the theory of everything is what I have coined, the “Ruby Slipper Conundrum”.  The reason why it is called the “Ruby Slipper Conundrum” is explained in Section 7.3 of “The GOD Entity: Gordon’s Theory of Everything”.

Once you consider that space-time could be a medium, you need to determine what the basic building block of that medium is; and herein lies a huge problem!  Everything we know to exist; exists “in” space-time.  We have no other choice but to understand the properties of particles, their interactions, and resulting phenomena as they exist “in” space-time.

I use the word entity for the building block “of” space-time to distinguish it from particles that exists “in” space-time. The question to ask is; do we possess the mental capacity to conceive of this entity’s mathematical properties in the manner in which it actually exists?  Such an entity cannot be mathematically expressed as a particle “in” space-time because it does not exist “in” space-time; it exists “as” space-time. Mathematically describing such an entity has never been done before in the history of physics!

Let’s consider what would happen if we were to pluck one of these entities out of its structural position of space-time and place it where no space-time exists (isolated in the true void).  Can we possibly conceive of its properties and describe them mathematically where it would make sense to us. I can assure you that no one, not even our greatest minds in physics, can think that far “outside the box”.  Because this has never been done before, the mathematics of this entity would be impossible to accept without first going through the “Ruby Slipper Conundrum”. This is why when reading “The GOD Entity: Gordon’s Theory of Everything”, you must commit to reading the entire book.

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 5: The Concept of Infinite Scales

The Concept of Infinite Scales

Many of you may be wondering if string theory (or any version thereof) could hold the answer.  As a person who did not go through the selection process to become a physicist, it is much easier for me to see the major fundamental shortcoming in all versions of string theory that immediately disqualify them as possible solutions to the theory of everything. String theory, along with every other theory proposed so far to solve the theory of everything, does not address the problem presented in what I refer to as “The Concept of Infinite Scales”.

We consider distance as a property (parameter) of space-time (and it is). We define distance as a set of points along a path. However a point has no dimensions and therefore cannot have distance. It doesn’t matter how many points you “string” together, points cannot create distance. Therefore, points along a path cannot be used to define the distance along a path because there are always an infinite number of points between any two points. The manner in which we conceptualize distance is incorrect and thus the parameter of distance remains undefined in all our current theories.

In string theory, the first entity placed into our universe is a string. However a string has length which is measured by distance. Is it possible to define everything in the universe by using a theory where the first entity used to create the universe has the undefined property of distance?

Physicists openly wonder why there seems to be two major theories that describe our universe, one that works for large scales and one that works for small scales. The underlying reason is that neither theory accounts for the problem presented in the concept of infinite scales.

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 4: Space-time is a Medium

Space-time is a Medium

A very important obstacle in solving the theory of everything is the indoctrination of almost the entire physics community onto the wrong path over 100 years ago.  Ask the “collective mind” of physicists whether space-time is a medium and the answer you get is “no!”  If the answer is actually “yes”, then there is no way to ever solve the theory of everything.  Physicists believe space-time is a “void” and not a medium because of the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment.  Although the data from the Michelson-Morley experiment is correct, this conclusion is incorrect.  I point out that Einstein’s theory of general relativity never proved that a medium did not exist, and Einstein himself believed that theory of general relativity could not properly function without a medium. Even though Einstein and others could not find the medium, doesn’t mean that one does not exist.  In any case, the notion that there is no medium was established and passed on from generation to generation, teacher to student, to the point where physicists would rather believe in multiple universe theories than go back and reconsider that there is a flaw in their current understanding.

 “It is not the things you don’t know that kill you, it’s the things you know for sure that ain’t true.”

Mark Twain

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 3: The Selection Process to Become a Physicist

The Selection Process to Become a Physicist

The path to become a physicist includes an intense training and selection process. Only those who are the best at the required skills will earn the title of physicist and be allowed into “the academic club” of physicists.  Many believe that a diverse academic physics community would be helpful in bringing forth the solution to the theory of everything where diverse backgrounds foster diverse ideas. However, people of different backgrounds who have gone through the intense selection process to become an academic physicist also become part of…   the collective “mind” of physicists.  In other words, they all have become physicists and thus “think” like physicists using the established theories and mathematics they have learned in the process.

“Man (or woman) is not permitted without censure to follow his (or her) own thoughts in the search of truth, when they lead him (or her) ever so little out of the common road.”

John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Consider the following analogy using a selection process to find the best musicians to create a world class orchestra. To be selected as a member you must be a master of your instrument, create the best tonal qualities, and be a talented performer with the highest skills in reading musical scores.

However the skills needed to solve the theory of everything is not comparable to a musician selected by this process; it is comparable to the person who composes music or creates a new musical instrument. A person composing and arranging the music does not need the talent to play an instrument well; nor does this person need to know much music theory. However this person must possess the gift of creating music. If such a person can place his or her notes onto a score, this new music can be played by those who have the ability to do so. Many new arrangements of music can be created by those who are members in the orchestra; but what about a completely new musical genre using new musical instruments. Many times, it is the street musician who creates a revolutionary new “style” of music.

It is unlikely to hear a street musician play his or her new genre of music with the classically trained members of a philharmonic orchestra. Therefore while we expect the solution to the theory of everything to come from a physicist (or physicists), the selection process to become a physicist may have weeded out the very people who have the gift to solve the theory of everything.

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 2: The Sub-Specialization of Physicists

The Sub-Specialization of Physicists

The specialization of physicists within a specific area of research makes it extremely difficult to consider the big picture.  In the medical field, the specialists take care of specific areas of medicine or surgery.  Unlike the internist or family physician, they usually do not treat a patient’s overall medical condition.  In comparison, a physicist may want to work on a specific problem in physics such as inflation at the time of the Big Bang, or gravity; but physicists have to work within the confines of our existing mathematics and current theories.

Our current theories are missing “something” because there is something missing from the flawed postulates from which they were derived.  It is not likely that physicists working under these conditions would find a new mathematical basis of understanding. If you can only use the flawed mathematics of established theories, then you can only come up with a flawed answer that serves as a “patch-like solution” to a problem.  This is what has been happening in physics; “sub-theories” based on our current mathematics are used to explain specific phenomena such as the black holes, inflation, expansion, mass, and many others.

Physicists then attempt to stitch together a tapestry of patch-like solutions to create a complete picture of the universe.  This piecemeal approach will not be helpful in figuring out the theory of everything. In addition, physicists should realize that all the mathematical efforts put into analyzing Feynman diagrams also fall subject to this problem. The solutions to Feynman diagrams will not be helpful in solving the theory of everything.

Why the Theory of Everything Took So Long? – Reason 1: Faulty Postulates Used to Derive General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Faulty Postulates Used to Derive General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Theories are used in physics which are expressed in mathematics.  A theory starts with postulates which are expressed in mathematical terms which are then used to derive equations representing the theory which can be tested.  If inaccurate and/or incomplete postulates were used to build our strongest theories which form the basis of all our physics, then there is a major problem in our current foundation of physics.  Physicists are using the mathematics derived from this false foundation to try and solve the theory of everything. These attempts are doomed to fail. Physicists will not succeed until they first fix the flawed postulates used to derive relativity and quantum mechanics.  Trying to fix these postulates by using the mathematics derived from them is not possible!

The modifications need to be done in such a way so that relativity and quantum mechanics remain basically intact; similar to how Einstein’s theory of special relativity modified Newtonian physics.  The only way to achieve this goal is to find the primordial postulates for the theory of everything and then derive the corrected postulates for general relativity and quantum mechanics.

We should take note that the postulates used to derive relativity and quantum mechanics are expressed in relatively simple mathematics. We should therefore expect that the primordial postulates of the theory of everything to be expressed in simple mathematics. This is in direct contradiction to those who are using the complex mathematics derived from relativity and quantum mechanics to solve the theory of everything.